How Does A Salt Chlornator Work?

To increase or reduce the chlorine level is not an easy job by your hand. As you must buy a packge of  chemicals first, then transport it, store it, finally you need to add it into the pool by youself. Of course you have buy a chlorine level tester to get the accurate chlorine level of pool water. 


Why we have to put up with it every time? We can use the better solution to manage the chlorine level like BLH salt chlorine generator.  You got the same safety and sanitary pool, other wise , the pool water will be clean, soft and no harm to your eyes and swimsuit.


You maybe wonder how does this works?


When you have installed the chlorine generator in your pool, the only one thing you need to do is put a little common salt into your pool, the salt dosage can be found has described in the manual. Now the salt chlorinator will auto  electrolysis the salt water and generate the chlorine which will sterilize the pool. 


There is no need to worry about the salt level, which will be very low in your pool, and the chlorine will finally convert to the salt again, so we only waste a litte salt and get the clean and soft pool water indeed.

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