Why You Should Use Salt Chlorine Generator

To use chlorine to sanitize the swimming pool is popular and effective, But it is hard to buy and store chlorine, So the salt chlorinator emerged, Which can convert the common salt to sodium hypochlorite for sanitizing the pool and then re convert these into salt.


why use salt chlorine generator


There are several reasons we choose the salt chlorine generator not other sanitizer, We have listed some below.

1. You spent no extra fees on the whole circular salt water system except the some common salt expenses. 

2. No need to add chlorine and maintaince the chlorine level any more. No need to buy and store chlorine any more, As we know that chlorine will hurt the skin and eyes.

3. It's not hassles to maintaince the salt chlorinator, you should clean the the cell periodically for smooth functioning of the salt water system.

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