What is salt water system(chlorinator)?

A salt water system or salt water chlorine generator is used to replace traditional chlorine with chlorine produced from salt in the pool water.

How does it work?

Salt or sodium chlorine, dissolves in water separating into sodium (ions) and chloride(ions). By passing a low voltage electrical current between special metal and through the water, then converts the chloride into chlorine in a process called electrolysis.

How to get our latest news?

Please visit our website, your inquiry is always welcomed.

What's your advantage?

We design and manufacture products by ourselves, we have US manufacture.

What is the voltage of your products, can it fit me?

We can adjust the model according to your country’s requirements.

How much do salt chlorination systems cost?

Blueworks offers solutions for both in- and above-ground pools. Depending on the pool size, warranty and features of a specific salt chlorinator.

Do you ship to my country?

Yes, we ship everywhere in the world and please inform us the shipping way you prefer, we have DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc. Shipping cost prepaid, cost favorable.
We also working with wholeworld distributors, you can ship by air or ship, we will check the fee from our factory to your door.

Production capacity

We deliver a production of pool cleaners up to 10,000 pieces per month

Quality Warranty Period

Different models have different warranty. You can refer on each model for warranty.

How to get our latest news?

Please visit our website, your inquiry is always welcomed.

where is your main market?

Europe, America, Australia, and Southeast Asia.

What can i get warranty? DO have have branch in US?

We have branch in US, we have workers and engineers in US too,When you have warranty, call our US branch, we will offer after-sale service.

Which certificates you get for your models?

For salt chlorinators, we have ETL/CE/SAA/CB certificate

For varied speed pumps, we have ETL/CE/SAA/Energy Star certificate

For other models like pool alarm, we have CE/ASTM certificate...

Why do i choose you?

We are US company specialized on pool products especially salt chlorine generator, pool pump, pool alarm, pool timer for over 16 years.

We also have new investing like fresh water, chemistry monitor, it is leading in pool industry.