BLH Salt Chlorinator

BLH salt chlorine generator transform salt to chlorine effectively and saftly. There is no need to clean the salt chlorinator by youself with self-cleaning function. The flow sensor can make the flow easy to track. What ever you need, we got it.

Compitable With Hayward Aquarite

---- The same 3 Year Warranty, the same US MADE cell plate material.

---- No pipe line work needed

Model No.Chlorine OutputSalt LevelCell Self cleaningSalt Chlorinator StyleUnit Gross WeightUnit Size
BLH-C15K/25K/40K/60K 20/30/40/60 grams/hour 3000-4000 PPM, (2300-6500PPM) Reverse polarity Suitable for InGround Pool Round 11kgs 36.5*27.5*30cm


Chlorine Output For pool size Replace to Aquarite
Blueworks BLH-C 15K Gallon 60 to 75 m³/20,000 gallon/75,000 ltrs Aquarite 15K Gallon
Blueworks BLH-C 25K Gallon 75 to 115 m³/30,000 gallon/115,000 ltrs Aquarite 25K Gallon
Blueworks BLH-C 40K Gallon 115 to 150 m³/40,000 gallon/150,000 ltrs Aquarite 40K Gallon
Blueworks BLH-C 60K Gallon 150 to 230 m³/60,000 gallon/230,000 ltrs  


2 years full warranty

3 years full warranty

5 years=3 years full+2 years pro-rate

7 years=3 years full+ 4 years pro-rate


  • Water flow detector
  • Long life time cell 10000-15000 hours
  • Digital display and LED indicators
  • Accurate salinity level reading
  • Adjustable chlorine output
  • Super chlorination mode
  • High & low salt indicators & protection (working salt from 2300PPM to 6500PPM)
  • High & low temperature indicators & protection (working temperature from 50F to 140F)
  • Cell failed indicator
  • Cell self-cleaning
  • Warranty 2-7 Year
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