Spa & Inground Pool Salt Chlorinator BLSW


For Most Spa and Inground Pool, there is no need to generator mass of chlorine, the most important thing we need is water dector to dect water flow, make sure it works well and adjustable chlorine output function that we can change the output to the right level, Now, all things above can be done by BLSW.

Most efficient Above ground salt pool chlorinator

US MADE Cell plates


Model No.Chlorine OutputSalt LevelCell Self cleaningSalt Chlorinator StyleUnit Gross WeightUnit SizeVoltage
BLSW-C10K/15K/25K/40K/60K 10/20/30/40/60 grams/hour 3000-4000 PPM Reverse polarity Suitable for InGround Pool Round 10kgs 35*22*10cm 110V
Chlorine Output For pool size
Blueworks BLSW-C 10K Gallon 10 to 40 m³/10,000 gallon/40,000 ltrs
Blueworks BLSW-C 15K Gallon 40 to 60 m³/15,000 gallon/60,000 ltrs
Blueworks BLSW-C 20K Gallon 60 to 75 m³/20,000 gallon/75,000 ltrs
Blueworks BLSW-C 30K Gallon 75 to 115 m³/30,000 gallon/115,000 ltrs
Blueworks BLSW-C 40K Gallon 115 to 150 m³/40,000 gallon/150,000 ltrs


2 years full warranty

3 years full warranty

5 years=3 years full+2 years pro-rate

7 years=3 years full+ 4 years pro-rate


  • Water flow detector
  • Long life time cell 10000-25000 hours
  • Digital display, membrane panel
  • Accurate salinity level reading
  • Adjustable chlorine output
  • Super chlorination mode
  • High & low salt indicators & protection (working salt from 2300PPM to 6500PPM)
  • High & low temperature indicators & protection (working temperature from 50F to 140F)
  • Cell failed indicator
  • Cell self-cleaning
  • Timers funcation control pump
  • Easy setting design
  • Smart chlorinator program
  • Workable for hot weather area like Arizona, CA, FL.
  • Warranty 2-7 Year
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