Salt Water Energy Generator Chlorination BLAI


BLAI salt chlorinator is equiped with light transformer models that makes all the system is easy to take and install, we also created the user-friendly interface for BLAI. Although it is a solid salt water system, you can check out some problem with the clear cell.

USA made Cell plates


Model No.Chlorine Output Salt Level Cell Self cleaning Salt Chlorinator Style Unit Gross Weight Unit Size
BLAI-C 10/15/20 10/15/20 grams/hour 2800-5000 PPM (Ideal 3000PPM-4000PPM) Reverse polarity Suitable for Aboveground Pool Round 8.2kgs 48*40*18 cm
Chlorine Output For pool size
Blueworks BLAI-C 10K Gallon 10 to 40 m³/10,000 gallon/40,000 ltrs
Blueworks BLAI-C 15K Gallon 40 to 60 m³/15,000 gallon/60,000 ltrs
Blueworks BLAI-C 20K Gallon 60 to 75 m³/20,000 gallon/75,000 ltrs


2 years full warranty

3 years full warranty

5 years=3 years full+2 years pro-rate

7 years=3 years full+ 4 years pro-rate


  • Long life time cell 10000-25000 hours
  • Adjustable chlorine output
  • Winter chlorination mode
  • High & low salt indicators & protection
  • Cell self-cleaning
  • Easy setting design
  • Warranty 2-7 Year
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